Saturday, July 24, 2010

Iron Man hover

First of all, thank you Keith for inviting me to participate!
Sketched this on an oversized sketchbook then cleaned it up and coloured it in PS CS4. I didn't go with any reference, I just wanted to see what would come out of I drew Iron Man just out of my head.
The gray version is a simpler variation of the colours I used before, a little fun to create a War Machine like colour scheeme.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Iron C3PO

For our first post I wanted to make an iron man paper toy... I started one, but needed to take a little break from all the paper mechanic work lately. I did this sketch trying to keep him a bit more on the cartoon side with exaggerated features. After finishing the sketch I realized I made him stand like C3PO. I guess thats what my subconscious told me how a robot needed to stand.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Steampunk Iron Man

For my first post, I wanted to create a version of Iron Man with a little steampunk influence.  The sleek-looking Iron Man armor design in the movies is great, but I especially loved the bulky iron suit he created in the caves.  Also loved the way Obadiah Stane's (the bad guy in the 1st movie) suit created a huge cloud of inky black smoke when he flew -  so I had to include that too.

This was the first thing I painted in the new CS5 - and man, is it awesome.  Probably the biggest improvements I've seen since CS2.  The painting engine, I think, is now on par with Corel Painter.

Feedback/critiques greatly appreciated!