Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jokes on Me

Keith asked me to join Sketch Slackers a while back and I was hesitant to join because of some pressing comic book and sculpting projects that needed my attention. I did manage to sketch and color a Joker from my sketchbook a few days ago, and Keith seemed to think that it still may relate to the Batman theme from a few weeks back. So here it is.
P.S. Great work on this blog, guys. Really has turned into something worth coming back to time and time again to see what cool stuff has been posted.


  1. Great pic, James! Reminds me of John Barrymore's Mr. Hyde or (more appropriately) Conrad Veidt as Gwynplaine in The Man Who Laughs.

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  3. This is great man! Do you use a brush for the linework? Quills? Tell me your secrets, NOW!! :)

  4. Hey, funny you should mention 'The Man Who Laughs'...I was reading about how the Joker was actually based on the character Gwynplaine from that film!
    Google it and see what I mean!

    Hey Brian....I used a Staedtler Mars Graphic 3000 Duo Brush-pen. I use alot of different pens, but the 3000 is one of my favorites...

    I was really happy with the actual pencil sketch for this one.
    Let me tell you, you can ink the hell out of a piece but unless the DRAWING is solid, it never really comes together.